A Swiss regulated company

We operate through major exchange platforms, introducing accounts for and on behalf of our clients. We produce monthly reports so that investors can always check the ongoing situation of their portfolio. Crypto Nike is a regulated portfolio manager under Swiss law, a member of an officially recognized self regulated organization (SRO) under anti money laundering regulations and associated with The Financial Services Standards Association (VQF). Crypto Nike is affiliated to the FINSOM - Financial Service Ombudsman - for the mediation of financial disputes.


our services

Our way to manage crypto assets

Operating directly with tokens is risky and challenging, but maximizes revenue opportunities. We can do it because we know what we handle.


10000 +


400 +

Crypto Exchanges

1500B+ USD

Market Cap

100B + USD

Daily Trading Volume

  • Tokenized Assets

    Tokenization allows the fast circulation of any type of asset, transforming illiquid assets into liquid tokens.

  • Decentralized Finance (De.Fi.)

    Smart-contracts enable decentralized applications which can hold and transfer tokenized assets and make payments automatically. Liquidity pools allow anyone to provide liquidity to the market.

  • Decentralized Marketplaces

    Goods and services will be traded in decentralized marketplaces, increasing free trade and reducing costs and regulations.

our vision

Blockchain for the global economy

Blockchain technologies are used when multiple actors, with different organizations and divergent or competing interests, need to share data and processes without a central authority to manage them. This is always the case with actors in the global economy, so blockchain and distributed ledgers are likely to be needed to keep the global economy running in its further development. It will probably take as long as the internet has taken to become the backbone of the economy, so we expect decades of wild blockchain developments and growing markets.

  • Distributed Manufacturing

    Production will be subdivided and delocalized through decentralized marketplaces of machine time.

  • Decentralized Economy and Society

    Yet to be imagined.